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More stories about Shower

  • Mud-Bed Showers

    Floated mortar walls provide a flat, plumb setting bed over irregular wall framing.

  • Building Zero-Step Entries

    Universal access should begin at the front door.

  • On the Job

    Custom shower niches; working inside the bubble

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Appliances, fixtures, and finishes

  • Stabila's Tub and Shower Set Model 29532

    The walls of a tub enclosure can be a bit of a stretch for standard 2- and 4-foot levels.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Shower pans; toilet seats

  • Tiled Showers

    Q: While we've never had problems with our tile-shower installations, new surface-applied waterproofing membranes and waterproof backerboards have me wondering if it's time to change our approach. We typically install cement backerboard over a poly membra

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Backsplashes; showerheads

  • Slate in the Shower

    Q: My client wants to install slate tile in her shower to match the tile on her bathroom floor. I know that slate is porous and harder to keep clean than ceramic tile, but is there a good sealer that can be used with the slate so that maintenance will be manageable?

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Kitchen sinks; high-performance showers