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  • Dishwasher Drain Distance

    Q: A client wants to locate her dishwasher in a peninsula several cabinets away from the kitchen sink. Are there any limitations on the distance that the discharge hose can travel, or should it be plumbed separately?

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Vanities; vessel sinks

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Water filtration; towel warmers

  • Toolbox

    DeWalt DC628 15-gauge cordless finish nailer; compact compressors; lithium ion

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Tiling; toilets

  • Designing Accessible Kitchens

    Start with ADA guidelines, but base your kitchen designs on the actual needs and capabilities of your client.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Kitchen sinks; high-performance showers

  • Fast Fixes for Closet Flanges

    A few simple tools and techniques take most of the misery out of repairing these critical plumbing fittings

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Showers; high-pressure laminates

  • Mounting a Wall-Hung Sink on a Steel-Stud Wall

    Q: I used 25-gauge steel studs to frame the partition walls in an upstairs renovation. Now my client wants to install a wall-mounted lavatory in the bathroom. What's the best way to reinforce and block the wall so I can hang the sink?