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More stories about Skylights

  • Reroofing With Spray Foam

    Spray polyurethane foam is durable, has excellent R-value, and can eliminate ponding.

  • Products

    Pneumatic fasteners; skylights; instantaneous water heaters

  • Building a Glazed Cupola

    This simple rooftop unit was built in the shop and lifted into place with a crane.

  • Guidelines for Bay Windows

    A bay window relates to an exterior wall in much the same way that a dormer relates to a primary roof. Like a dormer, a bay window captures extra space and daylight for the primary volume. Also like a dormer, it can enliven an exterior elevation. If formed, scaled, and positioned appropriately, it...

  • Making Windows Fit

    It's easy to get carried away with window placement in a house design and end up with a jumbled-looking facade. This article illustrates some simple guidelines for making windows compatible with the other elements of a house.

  • Products

    Embedded truss anchors, diminutive boiler, compressor relief; metal roofing; skylights

  • Design: Dressing Up the Gable End

    Better-looking gable ends

  • Products

    Cleaner generator, debris hauler, slower epoxy, rugged window, self-leveling rotary laser, skylights

  • Installing A Skylight

    Leak-free skylights start with careful attention to the manufacturer's directions, according to this veteran installer.

  • Making the Most of Skylights

    By letting in daylight, skylights can enhance a room and even save energy in some cases. Here are some tips for making your installations look great.