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More stories about Skylights

  • Night Watch: Checking in with the Dark Sky Movement

    The October release of the IDA Model Lighting Ordinance 2005.3 promises to further a movement that has already made great strides.

  • Solatube International Launches Certified Installation Consultant Program

    , the maker of tubular skylights, has launched a Certified Installation Consultant (CIC) program across the United States and Canada. The program, which requires dealers to complete training and prove proficiency in order to uphold the company's standards, will soon be launched in Europe, Latin...

  • The dark sky movement has gained momentum in recent years.

    The dark sky movement has grown tremendously in recent years in strength, capabilities, and popularity. It has been our experience that 'dark sky' is now a lighting phrase that is an integral part of almost every exterior project. Not just lighting designers, but more and more architects and...

  • Reroofing With Spray Foam

    Spray polyurethane foam is durable, has excellent R-value, and can eliminate ponding.

  • Products

    Pneumatic fasteners; skylights; instantaneous water heaters

  • Building a Glazed Cupola

    This simple rooftop unit was built in the shop and lifted into place with a crane.

  • Guidelines for Bay Windows

    A bay window relates to an exterior wall in much the same way that a dormer relates to a primary roof. Like a dormer, a bay window captures extra space and daylight for the primary volume. Also like a dormer, it can enliven an exterior elevation. If formed, scaled, and positioned appropriately, it...

  • Making Windows Fit

    It's easy to get carried away with window placement in a house design and end up with a jumbled-looking facade. This article illustrates some simple guidelines for making windows compatible with the other elements of a house.

  • Products

    Embedded truss anchors, diminutive boiler, compressor relief; metal roofing; skylights

  • Design: Dressing Up the Gable End

    Better-looking gable ends