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  • Radon Vent Retrofit

    A radon remediation contractor shows how to install vent pipes beneath a slab to carry radon harmlessly to the outdoors — all for a reasonable cost.

  • Q&A: Spalling Concrete Floors

    Q: Here in Minnesota, many garage floors suffer from spalling. What causes spalling concrete, and is there any cure?

  • Q&A: Sealing Garage Floors

    Q: Is a concrete sealer effective at protecting a garage floor from road salt damage? If so, what is the best product to use — a floor paint or a clear waterproofing sealer?

  • Q&A: Thin Radiant Slab

    Q: I want to install a thin radiant slab over a wood subfloor in a remodel. The flooring will be ceramic tile. What is the thinnest slab I can get away with?

  • Q&A: Footing Width for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations

    Q: We‘ll be building a house on a frost-protected shallow foundation. Are the requirements for sizing the portion of the slab that forms the thickened footing around the perimeter of the slab the same as the requirements for a typical monolithic floating

  • Trade Talk: Can You Substitute Synthetic Fibers for Wire Mesh?

    Although contractors often substitute synthetic fibers for wire mesh in concrete slabs, the two products perform different functions

  • Kitchen & Bath: Sheet-Vinyl Basics

    Working with sheet-vinyl flooring

  • Q&A: Water in Under-Slab Ducts

    Q: Nine years ago I built a new house on a slab foundation. We put in a forced-air heating system, and the hvac contractor ran the ducts under the slab. The house is on a lake, and during certain times of year rising ground water enters the ducts. We

  • Q&A: Fixing a Moldy Crawlspace

    Q: A homeowner wants me to eliminate the moldy smell from a crawlspace. The crawlspace has a concrete floor, with fiberglass batt insulation between the floor joists. There are two louvered vents that are left open year-round. Would it help to insulate the walls with rigid foam and seal the vents...

  • Q&A: Fibermesh Reinforcement

    Q: I’m working on a project with a 2-inch thick colored concrete topping slab installed over a 5-inch thick structural slab on grade. There will be #15 felt installed between the two slabs, so they can move independently. I am considering using fibermesh to minimize cracks in the topping slab. If I...