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More stories about Slate

  • Q&A: Tips for Grouting Slate Tile

    Use these simple cleaning techniques when working with the textured surface of slate tile to make sure there is no haze left on the surface.

  • Lightweight Semi-Slate Roofing

    The slate you can't see from the ground has been replaced by a sheet of underlayment

  • Installing Synthetic Slate

    This alternative to slate is light, rugged, and easy to cut.

  • Cleaning the Slate

    A short time ago, a remodeler hired me to solve a dispute he had with a customer. He had been building an addition, and when he began framing the walls he discovered that the foundation slab was out of square. The concrete sub owned up to the mistake, and at no charge to the customer fixed the...

  • Slate in the Shower

    Q: My client wants to install slate tile in her shower to match the tile on her bathroom floor. I know that slate is porous and harder to keep clean than ceramic tile, but is there a good sealer that can be used with the slate so that maintenance will be manageable?

  • Building a Slate-Tile Deck

    Strong framing and proper substrate details reduce the chances of cracking

  • Products

    Replacement windows & doors; interior millwork; slate & tile roofing

  • A New Way to Install Slate Roofs

    This batten and clip system reduces the slate required to cover the roof by nearly half.

  • Repairing Slate Roofs

    With good technique and matching materials, repairs to a slate roof can be invisible and as durable as the original roof.

  • Backfill: Slate Is Final

    Siding with slate