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  • Lumpy Setting Compounds

    Q: When we're working with what we call "hot mud"- setting-type drywall compounds that come in powdered form - it seems almost impossible to mix the stuff up without getting lumps. Do you have any suggestions for smoothing out the consistency?

  • Underpinning a Foundation

    Before adding new living space above an existing garage, make sure the footings can handle the load.

  • Making Curved Crown

    Use this layout technique to make radiused crown on site.

  • Bending Trex

    Special heating blankets were used to form the tight curves of this pool's retrofitted fiber-composite decking.

  • Legal: Idiot-Proof Your Contracts

    Idiot-proof your contracts

  • States surveyed about student rules, between-building transfers

    What’s new in Sec. 42 compliance: Catching up with changes to Form 8609 and Form 8823 … states weigh in on changes to key issues.

  • On the Job

    Slick pocket-door trick; smooth tube piers

  • Guidelines for Bay Windows

    A bay window relates to an exterior wall in much the same way that a dormer relates to a primary roof. Like a dormer, a bay window captures extra space and daylight for the primary volume. Also like a dormer, it can enliven an exterior elevation. If formed, scaled, and positioned appropriately, it...

  • Replacing a Leaking Chimney Cap

    Built with concrete rather than mortar and detailed to shed water, this chimney cap should outlast the chimney beneath it.

  • On Site With Form-A-Drain

    This modular plastic footing form doubles as a perimeter drain.