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  • Strictly Business: Subcontractor Notebook

    Organizing subcontractor records

  • Detail: Making Curved Flooring on Site

    When the job calls for radiused flooring, consider this simple method, from a veteran flooring contractor, for site-bending hardwood to match the curve.

  • Pouring a Shallow Frost-Protected Slab

    A 4-foot-deep concrete frost wall can add thousands of dollars to the cost of a slab-on-grade addition. A Maine contractor explains how good drainage and rigid foam insulation can protect foundations placed above the frost line.

  • New-Tech Tools and Materials

    A survey of new tools, products, and materials that can increase productivity and profit on your next job.

  • Strictly Business: Tracking Material Costs

    Keeping track of material costs

  • Controlling Termites

    Getting rid of excess moisture around the foundation is key to controlling this pesky insect, but it may not always be enough. Shields and chemical treatments are still important backup measures, according to this nationally recognized entomologist and termite expert.

  • By Design: Making Arches Work

    Rules for elegant arches

  • Pinning to Ledge

    When it comes to footings, it’s hard to beat solid granite ledge. But when the rock is irregular or sloped, proper anchoring is crucial. A custom builder explains the tools, materials, and techniques he used to drill, pin, and brace a stem-wall foundation formed directly to a large stone...

  • Notebook

    Innovative foundation forms, salvaging plants from construction sites, pressure relief for freezing pipes

  • Q&A: No-Nails Approach to Aluminum Fascia

    Q: Last winter, our siding sub installed aluminum fascia in very cold temperatures. When the weather warmed up, the fascia expanded and buckled severely. What’s the proper way to install aluminum fascia to prevent this from happening?