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  • Deeper Integration

    The Big Three property management firms may soon have to make room for a fourth.

  • Revenue Management Market Heats Up

    The revenue management software market is heating up as 2007 comes to a close, with Yardi set to compete head-on with industry leaders RealPage and the Rainmaker Group.

  • Rome Reborn

    In 1816, Lord Byron left his home in England and, after traveling through Belgium and Switzerland, eventually made his way to Italy, where he encountered, among other things, the Roman Colosseum. “A ruin—yet what ruin!” he wrote in the fourth canto of the long poem “Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.” It...

  • Automating Compliance

    Domin-8 is fast becoming a significant player in compliance software as it continues to grow by acquisition.

  • Survey Says: Yardi Expands Market Share

    Yardi’s Voyager software continues to rise in popularity, while RealPage, Intuit, and Property Automation Software are making strong gains as the platforms of choice for multifamily executives.

  • Spinning the Web

    Just as homes often have more than one remote control—one each for television, cable, DVD, and stereo for instance—many property management companies have different software for different functions.

  • Survey Says: Yardi Expands Market Share Multifamily firms expect to boost technology spending this year as they plan for growth.

    APARTMENT FINANCE TODAY'S 2007 Technology Survey received 167 responses from a broad spectrum of the industry. 

  • Raising the Bar

    Property managers weigh such factors as occupancy rates and competitors’ pricing when setting rents, but the process often can be informal, sometimes combining market factors with a manager’s gut instinct. Enter revenue management software.

  • RenderWorks 12 Incorporates New Features

    has teamed with U.K.-based

  • The Virtual Thing: Lighting Software Options

    Lighting designers are challenged with providing innovative solutions that are increasingly technical while staying sensitive to architectural aesthetics. Many of these solutions go far beyond a simple hand calculation-from calculating illuminance on a workplane to analyzing daylight factors for...