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  • Q&A: Bending a Base Cap

    Q. I was recently asked to add a cherry base cap along the finished stringer of a custom staircase that makes a broad sweeping curve along the wall in several places. What's the best way to make this molding? Should I use a softer, more pliable wood and s

  • Installing Over-the-Post Handrailing

    Correctly installed over-the-post handrails look great, but there's nothing worse than a botched job. A veteran installer describes the cutting and layout tips that help him create tight joints and smooth curves every time.

  • Backfill: Slipcover Stairs

    Shop-built custom stairs

  • Toolbox: New Bosch Sliding Compound-Miter Saw

    Bosch sliding compound-miter saw

  • Interior Framing

    Pocket doors * Tray ceiling details * Radius stair * Laying out & attaching newel posts * Soundproofing walls & floors

  • Building Squeak-Free Stairs

    A stair builder shows how to scribe and install finish skirts, treads, and risers.

  • Q&A: Weight Limits for Ladders

    Q: Do the listed weight limits for ladders and scaffold planks include a safety factor? If so, how much weight can be added beyond the listed weight until failure occurs?

  • Innovative Products for 2001

    Every year, product and tool manufacturers vie for your attention with the latest, greatest releases guaranteed to help you work faster, better, cheaper. Here’s our pick for 2001.

  • By Design: Converting a Ranch to a Story-and-a-Half

    Adding a second story to a ranch

  • Installing Stair Railings

    A stair installer explains how to prefit the railing package in the shop for a flawless installation on site.