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  • Products

    Door hardware; manufactured stairs; closets & accessories

  • Installing an Over-the-Post Handrail - Part One

    Simple-to-make railing stands allow accurate assembly right in position.

  • Outdoor Detour

    Girder truss to the rescue; outdoor detour

  • Letters

    Radon check; backfill pressure; Spanish lessons; mold precautions; source for rising hinges; more

  • Anchoring a Railing To Stone

    Q. Anchoring a Railing To Stone I need to secure the base of a wrought-iron handrail to an exterior granite landing. My plan is to drill holes into the stone and use anchors. What's the best way to do this without cracking the stone, and what should I use for anchors? I am concerned that wedge...

  • Quick Layout for Stair Rails and Balusters

    One simple full-scale drawing contains the information you need to cut balusters and newels accurately.

  • Building Brick Stairs

    A long-lasting set of masonry steps starts with a solid base and includes good drainage

  • Stare-Worthy Handrail

    The meticulously restored exterior of this late-19th-century mansard-roofed Victorian home in Cambridge, Mass., gives no clue to the presence of a beautifully crafted and surprisingly whimsical central staircase within.

  • Housed-Stringer Exterior Stairs

    A simple site-built jig made it easy to build this elegant outdoor staircase.

  • Fast Box Newel - Fewer Nail Holes

    This carpenter-friendly design eliminates most of the nail holes.