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More stories about Staircases

  • Housed-Stringer Exterior Stairs

    A simple site-built jig made it easy to build this elegant outdoor staircase.

  • Fast Box Newel - Fewer Nail Holes

    This carpenter-friendly design eliminates most of the nail holes.

  • On the Job

    Truss-rolling; cheap clamps; easy bullnose corner

  • Foolproof Layout For Winding Stairs

    While new stair codes have made winders more complicated to build, full-scale layout eliminates the guesswork.

  • Getting Pipe Staging Right

    A contractor who depends on frame scaffolding for daily production relates some basic rules for safe setup and use.

  • Stair-Building Tools

    Manufacturers have developed specialized tools for laying out, cutting, drilling, and installing stair parts. Here's a close look at how they work on site.

  • Products

    Lightweight pneumatic hose; paint for fiber cement; wet-dry central vac; landscaping products; metal stairs; fire prevention products

  • Fitting the Main Stair to the Entry

    All stairs, from the humblest flight of cellar stairs to the most elegant curved entryway stairs, share the same broad functional requirements: to provide safe and comfortable passage from one level of a house to another.

  • Protecting Existing Finishes

    A high-end remodeler describes his simple system for protecting existing surfaces and new work with hardboard, tape, plastic sheeting, and other inexpensive materials.

  • Design: Front Porches That Work

    Inviting front porches