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    This premium countertop material continues to be difficult to obtain and install without factory training. A Massachusetts remodeler sorts through the confusing array of products and takes a look at the installer certification process.

  • Quick Kitchen Estimates

    Clients often want to know what their new kitchen will cost before they’ve picked cabinets or decided on countertop material — even before they’ve finalized the layout. This unit-price approach will help you produce rough estimates quickly and with a minimum of guesswork.

  • Installing Stone Counters

    When it comes to durability and lasting beauty, stone has no match. A veteran fabricator describes the tools and techniques she uses to prep and install granite countertops.

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    Countertop edge details

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    Cultured marble polishes its image

  • Troubleshooting Retaining Walls

    Cracked, leaning, or bulging retaining walls are a common sight. An engineer tells what causes these problems and how to prevent them.

  • Q&A: Leaky Stone Foundation

    Q: I am working on an old house with a stone basement foundation. The foundation is sound, but leaks. What is the best way to repair this?

  • For What It's Worth

  • New Products for Kitchen and Bath

    Our K&B reviewer finds some good values amid the glitz and glitter of this year’s industry show.

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    Foam-core blocks offered the cheapest way to build this 17-sided foundation on solid rock.