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  • SnapPower SnapRays Guidelight

    Outlet cover plates use built-in LEDs to light the night.

  • RangeCraft Custom Rangehoods

    Using your choice of materials and finishes from its available options, RangeCraft can customize its kitchen rangehood designs for your projects.

  • Level-5 Drywall Finish vs. Veneer Plaster

    Myron Ferguson explains the difference between a Level 5 finish and a plaster skim coat.

  • ODL Energy-Star Qualified Tubular Skylight

    With 98% reflective mirror interiors, ODL claims that these skylights deliver 25% more light than the company's standard model.

  • Swithc Lighting Infina LED Bulb

    The Infina LED bulb screws into any fixture made for a standard Edison bulb, turns on instantly, and is dimmable.

  • Building Better Eaves

    Roof overhangs can be finished in a number of materials and constructed in a wide variety of different ways. Here's what you need to know to construct eaves that will survive the test of time.

  • Thermal Imaging With a Blower Door

    Though it's impossible to seal every hole in an existing building to prevent air leaks, here's a procedure you can use to identify the worst leaks in order to tighten the home as cost-effectively as possible.

  • NEMA Publishes Two Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment Standards

    Two new roadway and area lighting equipment standards?ANSI C136.25-2009

  • Homeownership Units Help Stabilize Barton Street

    PAWTUCKET, R.I. - The Barton Street neighborhood was once one of the city’s most notorious red-light districts.

  • City Lights Design Competition

    The city of New York designs a new street light, incorporating energy efficiency and a bright, even light.