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More stories about Structure

  • More Wall Bracing Options Using OSB

    The Engineered Wood Association has been working to broaden the choices for using wood structural panels to achieve code-required lateral bracing in wood-frame construction. A new APA publication lays out the OSB industry’s latest recommendations for a “simplified” way to meet code.

  • Fire Sprinkler Debate: Still Smoldering

    Firefighters and home builders are still at odds over the issue of proposed code rules that would require sprinkler systems in new homes.

  • Slow Burner

    Weyerhaeuser’s Flak Jacket is an intumescent fire-resistant coating for Trus Joist TJIs

  • Roadside Attraction

    This historic Massachusetts store is a magnet for out-of-control vehicles

  • Sandy's Flood Damage, Through an Engineer's Eyes

    An engineer investigating flood insurance claims sheds light on the mechanisms of damage.

  • No More Sonotubes

    Reinforced-concrete Perma-Columns keep wood posts away from ground moisture

  • Overhead Slabs

    Feedback from a JLC reader.

  • Growing Market for Parking Lot Design

    As the market for parking lot design grows relentlessly higher, architects search for attractive, multipurpose solutions.

  • Quake-Proof Cottage - Steel SIPs Add Strength

    Quake-proof cottage

  • Retrofitting a Steel Header

    Installing the two-piece assembly one C-channel at a time made it easier to support the masonry while opening the wall.