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  • Excluding Work From a Contract

    Most residential construction disputes happen because the contractor and the homeowner have different expectations about how a job will be handled.

  • Patent Sought for 80/20 Deal Structure

    One hears of tax credit deals so complex that their diagrams make pleasantly intricate wall hangings. But how many are unique enough to patent? There’s at least one—or so claims an application published in February.

  • How Strong Are SIPs?

    Q: In a SIP, how secure is the bond between the OSB skin and the EPS (expanded polystyrene) core? Can this bond be compromised by water infiltration or insect damage, or could the insulated core deteriorate over time? If that bond were to fail, it seems to me the whole structure would fall apart...

  • Chicago Condos

    Design quality resumes its place in the residential development formula.

  • Building a Curved Portico

    Synthetic millwork gives this front entry porch a classic look.

  • Defeating the Wind

    Wherever wind speeds are likely to reach over 110 mph, coastal codes are now requiring an engineering analysis of the plans. In addition to shear, sliding, and overturning forces, the wind imparts intense uplift pressures. Ted Cushman examines how one Long Island architect has managed to meet the...

  • Raising the Ceilings in a Whole-House Remodel

    Thanks to a good plan, a sizable crew, and a bunch of 20-ton screw jacks, the walls of this house grew taller.

  • Service Through Structure

    Better service through structure; a novel approach to fast, efficient hiring

  • Breakline: Blowing Up the House

    Blowing Up the House - Beach renourishment - NOAA Alerts

  • Design: Dressing Up the Gable End

    Better-looking gable ends