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  • Letters

  • Letters

  • Q&A: Painting Stucco

    Q: We are working on a cement-stuccoed house. The old paint is peeling in many places where water leaked from old gutters or was trapped by overgrown shrubbery. We have solved the moisture problems. What is the best way to prepare the stucco surface for new paint?

  • Q&A: Preventing Water Hammer

    Q: What causes hot water pipes to "bang" and how can this be prevented?

  • Q&A: Sealing Concrete Deck Over Garage

    Q: Water is leaking through the expansion joint in an above-garage concrete patio. What is the best way to seal this joint?

  • Stucco Patches

    A stucco specialist tells what it takes to make a repair that’s both durable and well-hidden.

  • Letters

  • Designing a Porch That Fits :

    A remodeler talks about designing and building a porch that does more than keep out the rain.

  • EIFS Performance Review

    A hard look at soft-coat EIFS by two consulting engineers who have spent years studying the material.

  • Details for Successful Stucco

    Details for longlasting, high-quality stucco work.