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    Penn State Student's Thesis Takes Top Prize in the Lighting and Electrical Option

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    Seven students awarded prizes in the 2008 RBT fixture design competition

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    A multidisciplinary approach to lighting fosters real-world experience

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    A novel approach to teaching architecture students the ways of the sun

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    Jean Sundin discusses core curriculum initiatives for lighting education.

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    For small contractors in today’s competitive market, sales skills can make the difference between struggling and prospering. Yet many contractors turn up their noses at formal sales training, viewing it as a waste of time and money. Are they right? Or is enrolling in a training program an effective...

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  • Acuity Lighting to Expand Besal Scholarships

  • University of Oklahoma Student Wins Luraline Lighting's Annual Student Design Competition

  • Vox Juventa Call for Papers Deadline July 1

    The University of Wismar released a call for papers for the Vox Juventa program that offers students and young professionals an opportunity to present findings in one of five areas: sustainability, new findings, daylight, technology, and lighting cultures. A prize of EUR 1,000 will go to the...