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More stories about Surveying

  • Tool Test: Point-and-Shoot Measuring Tools

    Laser measuring devices can make once impossible measurements routine, simplify calculating square footage and surface area, and perform useful geometric functions. A veteran remodeler tests five of the most popular tools on the market.

  • Toolbox

    Tool-toting nylon vest, plus table saw tuneup, levels, and truck gear

  • Toolbox

    Fast-setting glue guns, two-way laser, saw stand accessories

  • Toolbox: Ridgid 12-inch compound miter saw

    Ridgid 12-inch compound miter saw

  • Products

    Cleaner generator, debris hauler, slower epoxy, rugged window, self-leveling rotary laser, skylights

  • Products

    Bucket dolly, pivot-head ratchet wrench, flat speaker wires, retractable plumb bob, toolbox on wheels, more

  • Q&A: CAD Question

    Q. I’m looking for a CAD program that can produce 3-D drawings of a feature like a custom soffit that incorporates arches. I would also like to do standard house drawings. If I could take a digital photo of a project and make changes to the existing house for presentation, that would be perfect.

  • Visible-Beam Rotary Lasers

    A veteran finish carpenter assesses fully automatic self-leveling lasers as well as some that require an initial manual leveling and some that rely entirely on manual leveling.

  • Affordable Self-Leveling Lasers

    In this hands-on comparison, a finish carpenter reviews laser tools designed for interior layout, focusing on non-rotating self-leveling lasers that cost less than $600.

  • Toolbox: Checking Your Transit

    Tuning up your transit