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  • North Carolina Moves to Sandbag LEED in Fight Over Lumber Sourcing

    Lumber interests are pushing to get North Carolina off the LEED bandwagon.

  • Brown Backlash: Kansas Moves To Prohibit Sustainability

    The Kansas legislature is considering a bill that would prevent state funds from being invested in any “sustainable” project.

  • Product: KlipTech EcoClad XP

    A wood composite cladding material made in the U.S. with sustainable and recycled materials.

  • Light Pollution: Astronomers Wish for a Darker Future

    From the Archive presents articles from the past 25 years, with new commentary from members of the lighting community.

  • Why Sustainability Matters

    Have you been waiting to take the next STEP in your green AV initiative? Pretty soon, you'll have the tools necessary to ensure your users have energy-efficient systems.

  • Q&A with Allen Weidman, InfoComm International

    Here's how important sustainbility if to InfoComm and the pro AV community: InfoComm recently hired a dedicated sustainability officer. Read about how he's approaching his job.

  • Smart Buildings, Smart Grid

    Energy-efficient lighting is an indispensable feature of the office of the future.

  • Green and Gold

    A new academic center for student athletes scores performance with LEDs.

  • The Lure of the Time-Based Energy Code

    Lam Partners created Ideas to Light to inform and educate anyone interested in lighting and design, and to share knowledge the firm has amassed over a 40-year history designing integrated lighting for architecture and outdoor environments. The second post to appear on, "The Lure of...

  • Installing a Green Roof

    Interlocking pre-grown panels add little dead load to the roof.