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  • Rheem EcoNet Brings Wi-Fi to Water Heaters

    Adjust temperature, get alerts, and request maintenance for your water heater with a mobile app

  • Saros Single-Lever Kitchen Faucet

    This kitchen faucet’s self-cleaning technology keeps the spout free of mineral deposits thanks to resilient outlets in the faceplate.

  • What I Like: Clear Estimates Software

    Two remodelers have gained productivity and won new jobs thanks to software with built-in templates and data for 12,000 parts

  • Bring Your Own Device

    BYOD is nothing new, but the potential effects on businesses are changing fast. Learn more about this trend that favors the smartphone over traditional hardware on the job site.

  • Federal Government Draws Lessons From Joplin Tornado

    A U.S. government research agency has released a long report that analyzing damage from the tornado that blasted Joplin, Missouri in spring of 2011, and suggesting ways the nation could better prepare for similar storms.

  • Getting Started With Virtual Hosted Desktops

    Joe Stoddard offers guidance on using virtual desktops for your business.

  • New Bird-Friendly Glazing System Debuts in the UK

    As individuals, policymakers, and architects devise solutions to prevent birds from crashing into windows, German manufacturer Arnold Glas has released a new glazing that deters birds and preserves sight lines.

  • New Robot 3D Prints Sand Structures

    Students from Spain print sand castles, and other architectural formations, including load-bearing sand walls and bottom-bearing sand stools.

  • 3D Printing Guns Now a Scary Reality

    3D printing has been used by the architecture, engineering, and medical community. Now, the weapons industry could also join in on the technology—thanks to one DIY weapons guru.

  • Robotic Jellyfish Made from Plastic and Rat Muscle

    Biology, engineering, materials science, and design come together to make a rat-muscle-based, synthetic, swimming jellyfish, Blaine Brownell reports.