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  • Natural Wonder

    Massachusetts-based design firm Nervous System combines algorithms and aesthetics for a new line of custom light fixtures.

  • Technology: Friend or Foe?

    Lam Partners created Ideas to Light to inform and educate anyone interested in lighting and design, and to share knowledge the firm has amassed over a 40-year history designing integrated lighting for architecture and outdoor environments. The seventh post to appear on

  • Peering Into the Floating World

    Japanese architects and designers integrate materials and light.

  • BG Radia IC-201 LCR Loudspeakers

    Steel and aluminum speakers designed for high-end in-ceiling applications.

  • Meeting the Test

    The DOE's CALiPER testing program helps the lighting industry navigate the latest SSL product offerings.

  • Taming the Sun

    With its expansion of the Israel Museum, James Carpenter Design Associates devised a way to work with Jerusalem's intense daylight.

  • Faster, Smaller, and More Connected Than Ever

    Four technology trends that will change how you build and remodel.

  • Dynamic Descent

    Dean/Wolf Architects designs a folded stainless steel staircase for a Manhattan townhouse.

  • Most Likely to Succeed

    The classroom of the future raises the bar with innovative lighting solutions

  • People + Projects + Products

    nnovation is most often associated with introducing something that is new, but it also represents the ability to effect change. And it is that daring to imagine something different that is at the root of ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING's Sixth Annual Innovation Issue. No matter the person, the project, or...