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  • Adaptive Light

    Research sets the stage for developing fixtures across applications

  • Virtual Filing Cabinets

    While the promise of a truly paperless office is still many years away, affordable housing companies are getting one step closer through document management applications.

  • NAHMA Launches New Mapping Program

    The National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA) has partnered with to launch NAHMA Maps, a Web-based mapping tool.

  • Dr. U and Mr. L

    The real issue surrounding UL is whether its standards are current, necessary, cost effective, and fair. Most U.S. fixture makers (including those with offshore manufacturing) are resigned to meeting UL and many have set up in-house UL testing labs to do the work, keeping costs low. But for...

  • An American in Las Vegas

    In past years, this report has focused on a review of Lightfair's best products. In all fairness, that's a pretty good way to tell the Lightfair story because new products are the nuts and bolts of North America's largest lighting trade show. However, since Lightfair is a larger reflection of the...

  • Affordable Housing Residents Get Wired

    WITH THE GOAL of connecting low-income people to the Internet and other technology, One Economy Corp.

  • Lighting's Latest Nuts and Bolts

    Lighting design starts with knowing what the gear can let you do. Especially with the increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable design, even small improvements in tried and true products might mean the difference in a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) point or two.

  • Manufacturer Claims Abound in the Development of LED Technology

    A number of manufacturers creating products featuring light-emitting diode (LED) technology boast that they are offering the best in terms of brightness, efficacy, life expectancy, light output, thermal capability—the list goes on. But while LEDs currently are considered a viable alternative to...

  • Keeping Track

    The term “skid row” was first used to describe the makeshift roads found in the 19th-century Pacific Northwest, where loggers would drag trees down from the foothills to a waiting sawmill below.

  • The LED Evolution

    LED performance, color quality, output, and consistency have come a long way, but improvements are still to be had with this ever-evolving technology.