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  • Connectivity for Smart Buildings

    Architects have always been on the cutting edge of design—and today's issues of energy efficiency, global warming and equipment control represent today's “design edge.” As emphasis on energy efficiency has expanded, architects and designers have responded with enhanced energy efficient designs. The...

  • Drawing Upon the Future

    Few would deny that technology is a beautiful thing. Among architecture and design professionals, who are increasingly reliant on computers to explore and depict the intricacy of their work, that fact is well established.

  • Technology Licensing

    Technology licensing turns years of research and development into products that can be quickly made commercially available across the industry, matching their utility to existing supplier brands, manufacturing facilities, distribution networks and expertise. This article will review some of the...

  • two heads are better than one

    In an effort to advance recent technological developments and respond to the growing demand to include sustainable building resources in their projects, designers are joining forces with manufacturers.

  • Builder CAD For Less Than $1,000

    Two old-school and two new-school approaches to 2-D and 3-D design.

  • Transparent Technology

    The Kresge Foundation supports green building in a big way. The 82-year-old organization dispenses grants from its $3 billion in assets toward the capital campaigns of other nonprofits to advance the well-being of humanity.

  • Using a Tablet Computer

    You write on it like a legal pad, but it has the computing and communication power of a desktop PC

  • Tools of the trade

    The effort to spread high technology throughout the multifamily industry has led to a number of recent team-ups and acquisitions of companies as well as new products and services that seek to take advantage of the increasing use of the Internet as the bac

  • Keep a lid on operating expenses

    Rising operating costs, coupled with years of weak rental demand in many markets, have put pressure on property managers to look for ways to help apartment owners who have been pinched by property expenses.