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  • Testing Home Ductwork For Leaks

    Current versions of the model code require air-tightness testing of heating and cooling ducts. Here’s an introduction to performing those tests.

  • Q&A: Pressurization vs. Depressurization in Blower-Door Tests

    Q: When you're doing a blower-door test, does it matter whether you're pushing air in or pulling it out? In other words, is the air infiltration rate the same at -50 pascals as it is at +50 pascals? And if so, when would you use one approach and when the

  • Ready-to-Go Blower Door

    The Minneapolis Blower Door comes equipped with everything needed to measure airtightness or diagnose air-leakage problems, says the manufacturer.

  • Test for Null Fields

    Abstract goes here.

  • Southern Pine Industry Meeting Calls for New Standard-Setting Process

  • Video: The L Prize Testing Process

  • Meeting the Test

    The DOE's CALiPER testing program helps the lighting industry navigate the latest SSL product offerings.

  • EYE Lighting Wins Innovation Award

    EYE Lighting, manufacturer of lamps, luminaries and lighting products has received the 2010 Hardware Innovation of the Year Award for its weathering chamber. Automotive Testing Technology International bestowed the award.

  • New York City Concrete Testing Firm Convicted of Faking Tests

  • Letters

    Testing spray-foam jobs; ridge beams and collar ties; safety reminder; more