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  • Water-Efficient Toilet

    Kohler’s Wellworth Toilet — which has been around for 75 years — hasn’t changed much on the outside, but its inner workings have been completely re-engineered.

  • Popular Design Water-Saving Toilets

    Three popular toilets from American Standard are now available as high-efficiency models.

  • MJSI Toilet Fill Valve

    The Hydro Clean 660 by MJSI has a couple of features not found on most toilet fill valves.

  • High-Efficiency Toilets

    New 1.28-gallon toilets do a surprisingly good job of clearing the bowl.

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    Who's liable for defective Chinese drywall?; top 10 OSHA violations for 2009; Texas requires water-saving toilets; more

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    Shower pans; toilet seats

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    Retro refrigerators; urinals

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    Tiling; toilets

  • The Truth About Thomas Crapper

    It sounds like a straightforward trivia question: Was the flush toilet invented by a Victorian Englishman named Thomas Crapper, and is his name the source of the slang expression for that invention?

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    Outdoor kitchens; toilets & bidets