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  • Soy Paste Makes Waste In New Toilet Trials

    Toilet trials

  • Setting a Toilet Over Tile

    Q. What is the proper technique for setting a toilet on an irregular tiled floor?

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Toilets; countertop edge treatments

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Cooktops and bath fixtures

  • Low-Flow Update

    Ten years after low-flow toilets became law, there are more and better options on the market than ever before.

  • Q&A: Venting a Basement Toilet

    Q: I am installing an in-floor ejector pump for a basement toilet. Obviously, a wet vent is not possible, since I don’t want any upstairs fixtures discharging into the sump pit. How do I vent the toilet?

  • Notebook

    The best low-flow toilets, easing the labor shortage with the welfare-to-work program, new shear wall design, the Cadillac of scaffolding systems, support for women in construction

  • Q&A: Reliability of Low-Flow Toilets

    Q: My remodeling customers are frequently skeptical when I replace their old 5-gallon toilets with 1.6-gallon toilets. They have heard of problems like "skid marks," multiple flushes, and so forth. Also, the word I have heard from the field is that pressure-assisted toilets create more problems...

  • The Lowdown on Low-Flow Toilets

    Ready or not, a federal law that kicks in next January will make low-consumption toilets mandatory in all new residential construction.

  • New Products for Kitchen and Bath

    Our K&B reviewer finds some good values amid the glitz and glitter of this year’s industry show.