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  • Crestron Expands Certification Course Offering

    Lighting control systems developer Crestron will now offer its "Programming for Certification" training course through the Crestron Technical Institute (CTI) nationwide, giving dealers more widespread access to certification training. Registration is now open for three-day "Programming for...

  • Solatube International Launches Certified Installation Consultant Program

    , the maker of tubular skylights, has launched a Certified Installation Consultant (CIC) program across the United States and Canada. The program, which requires dealers to complete training and prove proficiency in order to uphold the company's standards, will soon be launched in Europe, Latin...

  • Danger Zone

    By Bridget Mintz Testa. Wilbur Cancino began his fateful four-day walk from Mexico to McKinney, Texas, near Dallas on a hot Monday morning in June 2001. In the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) investigation that followed, Cancino's death was determined to be his own fault for not...

  • On the Job With Integrated Construction Software

    Are powerful, multifunction construction software packages worth the cost and the time they take to learn? We look at five builders who took the leap and were willing to share their stories.

  • Notebook

    Free safety training for small builders, mold and moisture bankrupt big builder, plastic lumber ages well, New York builders liable for fall-related injuries, self-cleaning windows, more

  • Backfill: High-Rise Bamboo

    High-rise staging with bamboo

  • Resources

    Safety videos

  • Fall Protection Update

    In an effort to make fall protection more practical, OSHA continues to refine its alternative strategies. A framing contractor explains how to work safely and meet the regs, but still get the job done.

  • Building a Winning Team

    A remodeler shares his proven strategies for finding, training, and keeping good employees — even while the labor shortage continues.

  • Computer Solutions: Master Builder Solo

    Review of Master Builder Solo