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  • Fall Protection: Complying with OSHA's New Rules

    OSHA has finally realized that some of its fall protection rules are impractical for residential jobs. But to get a waiver, builders will have to improve training and supervision, and prepare detailed safety plans.

  • Eight-Penny News

    Referral network for insurance repairs, ambitious research into storm-resistant houses, MSDS for sawdust

  • Training Lead Carpenters

    A job foreman needs more than good carpentry skills to manage the construction site. Here are the techniques a successful builder uses to find lead carpenters within his own ranks, rather than hiring from outside.

  • How to Manage More Than one Job

    A veteran production manager describes the systems he’s developed to delegate authority, organize the paperwork, and keep the lines of communication open.

  • The Legal Column: Liability for Lead Grows

    Getting the lead out

  • Business Forum: So You Want to Become a Home Inspector?

    Home inspection opportunities

  • First Aid Basics for Builders

    A construction-safety specialist, and former paramedic, outlines first aid procedures for common job site injuries.

  • Q&A: Training for Home Inspection

    Q: I am a contractor hoping to diversify into the home inspection business. What would be the best way to gain the necessary education and proper certification?

  • Getting Practical About Job Site Safety

    A veteran production framer describes how he manages safety now that accident reports, workers comp bills, and OSHA fines stop at his desk.

  • Home-Run Holds Promise

    Plastic water-supply piping promises ease and economy, but it has been plagued by leaks and lawsuits. Now better materials and instructions offer new hope. We examine the problems and prognosis.