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  • Kitchen & Bath

    Jetted tubs; range hoods

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Shower spas; microwave ovens

  • Retrofitting a Multihead Shower

    Retrofitting a multihead shower; shower enclosures; refrigerators

  • High-Tech Countertop Templating

    High-tech countertop templating; jetted tubs; undercounter appliances

  • Refinishing a Bathtub

    Spray-on refinishing can be a practical alternative to tearing out an unsightly but structurally sound tub or shower unit.

  • An Invisible Tile Access Panel

    Installing and tiling a whirlpool tub often means undoing someone else's work. A veteran tile contractor tells how he copes with sequence problems and provides future access to the pump.

  • Kitchen & Bath Rough-In

    Tub, shower, toilet rough-in dimensions * Sink and lav dimensions * Framing & waterproofing a platform tub

  • Notebook

    Whirlpool bacteria controversy, critical habitat under review, European lumber imports, Business Tune-Up, more

  • Retrofitting A Whirlpool Tub

    A bathroom renovation specialist explains how to select and install a jetted tub in an existing bath.

  • Remodeling a Bathroom a Day

    A remodeler whose production team installs 300 to 400 small baths a year describes the fixtures and finishes that guarantee trouble-free field installation.