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  • New-Technology Tools & Materials

    Our pick of new or innovative products to help you produce high-quality jobs on time and on budget.

  • Letters

    Bootleg grounds, leaky ridge vents, stiff tile subfloor

  • Q&A: Tile Over OSB and Underlayment?

    Q: It is my understanding that plywood and OSB should always be installed with space between the sheets for expansion. Apparently, always isn’t always. I am just now beginning a project on an unfinished house in New England that has had the 1-inch OSB subflooring glued and nailed to the joists...

  • Membranes for Ceramic Tile

    Tile may shed water, but a tile job is not waterproof. A master tilesetter explains how to use trowel-applied and sheet membranes to protect against leaks.

  • Practical Engineering: Stiff Subfloor Protects Tile Job

    Stiff floor for ceramic tile

  • For What It's Worth

    Thermostatic crawlspace vent, new fiberglass-mat roofing paper, fold-up hearing protectors

  • Q&A: Flaking Concrete

    Q: What causes a concrete slab to form a thin top coat that can flake off or, if something is dropped on it, chip off in big pieces? Some customers want a glasslike finish on their garage floors, but after screeding and power troweling, the surface often becomes a thin, flaky material that doesn’t...

  • Legal Column: Fitness-of-Purpose Warranties

    It’s easy to void a manufacturer’s warranty

  • Preventing Ice Dam Leaks

    With heavy snow and unusually cold temperatures, heat loss from skylights can cause ice dams and leaks, even on vented roofs. When you can’t prevent ice dams, here’s how to protect against the leaks they can cause.

  • Letters

    Laying subfloor correctly, receptacle wiring