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  • Flashing A Flanged Window

    A few minutes of time and a few dollars of materials can prevent expensive headaches.

  • Tiling a Breezeway

    Q. I've been asked to tile the floor of an enclosed breezeway that gets tracked with a lot of dirt, leaves, and snow. Besides being subject to the temperature extremes found in Ohio, the existing concrete slab has a crack running across its width. Is porcelain tile the best option in this situation...

  • Choosing Laminate Flooring

    Laminate flooring looks better than ever and is easy to install, but you have to select the right product for a durable installation.

  • Kitchen & Bath

    Outdoor kitchen equipment; tile backers and substrates

  • Letters

    Protecting deck ledger with membrane; house trap follow up; Spanish language resources; in praise of change orders; more

  • Top-Down Roofing

    Installing shingles in 4- to 7-foot lifts from the ridge down reduces granule loss and makes the job go faster.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Tile Backers

    Tile backers

  • Installing an Ornamental Tile Floor

    A stiff, strong subfloor and an accurate layout add up to a top-quality tile floor. A veteran tilesetter explains his approach.

  • Q&A: OSB as Carpet Substrate?

    Q. Why can't I use 7/16-inch OSB over 1-inch rough pine boards for carpet underlayment?

  • Products

    High-strength underlayment, low-slope roof solution, new roof nailer, easy rainscreen, frozen pipe protection, preassembled handrail, more