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  • Plasma-Screen Windows

    Computer engineer and part-time carpenter Ryan Hoagland, has developed a system for configuring one or more high-definition plasma TVs as a remarkably convincing substitute for conventional windows.

  • Flexible Trailer Storage

    Finish-carpenter Brian Campbell wanted to keep his tools organized in his work trailer and still be able to transport the occasional full load of cabinets. He took his cue from a slat-wall system, where shelves, brackets, and hangers can be freely inserted behind horizontal slats without fasteners.

  • Keeping an Eye on Chimneys

    Though it's but a single element, a chimney can do much to enhance a house's overall design. In its materials and form — how it rises and terminates — a successful chimney respects the context of the surrounding home.

  • Toolbox

    Hitachi C12LSH sliding compound miter saw; circular saws; back-savers

  • Resources: Roof Framing Videos

    Roof framing videos

  • Roof Calculations Simplified

    For complex roof framing, calculators are starting to take the place of framing square tables or trig. A veteran California framer shows how to make a complete hip-rafter cut list using the Construction Master foot-inch calculator.

  • Toolbox: Stud Sensors Come of Age

    Stud sensor comparison

  • Letters

    Nailing deck ledgers, wire-snaking tips

  • Kitchen & Bath: Top Treatments for Cabinets

    Top treatments for wall cabinets