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  • Making Walls Watertight

    Siding sheds water, but it’s not waterproof. A wood construction expert warns against leaks caused by sloppy housewrap and flashing details, and shows how to do it right.

  • Q&A: Removing Vinyl Siding

    Q: Can you explain the best way to unlock vinyl siding panels? We often run into vinyl when building an addition or cutting a new window opening, and would like to know how to remove and replace panels without destroying half a wall’s worth.

  • Building Doghouse Dormers

    Adding small dormers is a classic remodeling job. With the right techniques, a two-man crew can frame, sheathe, and close in a dormer in one day.

  • For What It's Worth

    Tropical alternative to treated wood, prefab drainage system, jamb extenders for vinyl windows, useful new hanger from Simpson

  • Shopping for Wood Windows

    New windows sport a host of glazing, hardware, and finish options, as well as flexible custom features. Here’s a guide to help you sort through the choices.

  • Building With Style: Old Columns Revisited

    Updating past articles

  • Traditional Trim in Vinyl and Aluminum

    A New England builder tells how to trim capes and colonials with low-maintenance materials, and still keep a traditional look.

  • Choosing Replacement Windows

    When it’s time to get rid of old, leaky double-hung windows, replacement kits and units are a cost-effective option. Here’s what’s available.

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