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More stories about Walls

  • Petri Dish House

    A cautionary tale of high indoor humidity, mold problems, and what not to do in a home if you want healthy clients.

  • Installing Windows in a Deep Wall

    Double stud walls that allow for higher R-values of insulation create particular challenges for window installation.

  • Panned Bays

    Is it OK to use a joist bay for a return-air plenum in an HVAC system?

  • Rake Wall Framing

    A system for framing, sheathing, and siding rake walls on the deck, regardless of pitch or wall height.

  • Framing for Super-Insulation on a Maine Ski Lodge

    Coastal visits a Maine job site to see a wall build-out for a super-insulated ski lodge.

  • A Shop-Built Bay Window

    A template simplifies the math for the hybrid frame.

  • Tracking the Owner's Time

    You need to know what functions you perform before you can make informed hiring decisions.

  • Strapping Ceilings

    Strapping serves many purposes both for framers, as well as for many of the subs who follow.

  • Making and Installing Sound-Absorbing Panels

    Coastal Connection visits the Waltham, Mass., shop of New England Soundproofing to see how sound-absorbing panels are made, then comes along to see the panels installed in a busy Italian restaurant in Boston’s North End.

  • Best Practice for Stucco Parapet Caps

    To ensure a waterproof installation, use adhesive between layers of waterproofing materials and pay close attention to corners and intersections.