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More stories about Warranties

  • Mafell Erika Pull-Push Saw

    Powering an 8 7/8-inch Mafell blade, the Erika can rip like a table saw and crosscut like a sliding compound-miter saw.

  • SawStop Contractor Table Saw

    SawStop Contractor Table Saw

  • Hougen HMD904 Magnetic Drill

    A contractor reviews this portable drill, which when equipped with annular cutters, greatly reduces the time required to drill up to 1 1/2-inch-diameter holes in steel up to 2 inches thick.

  • Hands-On Review of Hitachi's NV50AP3 Cap Nailer

    A production manager for a St. Louis remodeler has high praise for this cap nailer after a year of use fastening foam, housewraps, and synthetic underlayments.

  • Long-Term Commitment: GAF Timberline American Harvest Shingles and Lifetime Roofing System Warranty

    Combine Lifetime shingles and three other GAF accessories for a valuable warranty on an entire roof system.

  • Unvented Roofs and Shingle Warranties

    While the IRC has approved the use of certain "hot" unvented attics, it seems that asphalt-shingle manufacturers still recommend that their shingles be installed over vented roof assemblies. Does this mean that shingle manufacturers will void their warranties if the roof deck is insulated with...

  • Using Nail Guns for Vinyl Windows

    Q: Is it okay to use pneumatic nailers to install vinyl windows, or would that void the manufacturers warranty?

  • W.A.C. Extends Warranty

    W.A.C. Lighting has extended its product warranty for consumers and end-users to five years, from the previous warranty period of two years. The five-year warranty warrants products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. It excludes products...

  • Profiting From Allowances

    I don't much like allowances, which let homeowners postpone decisions that really should be made before the project even breaks ground.

  • Letters

    Forming foundation walls; warranty caution; more