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    Let's suppose you're hired by a local restaurant to build a deck off the dining room so that customers can eat outside and enjoy the view. Your bid comes in at $30,000, and the owner accepts it.

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    Q. Is there a spray-on waterproofing that's compatible with ICF foundations ? that won't "melt" the polystyrene?

  • Ready, Set, Realtor!

    By Wendy Leibowitz. But reaching out to Realtors, building relationships, and rewarding them for their efforts clearly pays off, says Rochelle Barrow, the Realtor relations director for Royce Builders, and Royce has the numbers to prove it. Royce, which expects to close 2,100 homes this year in...

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    When does a promise become a warranty?

  • Legal: Trade Standards

    Who decides how good is "good enough"?

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    There's more to vinyl windows than meets the eye. Here's an inside look at how they go together - and how you can use them to best advantage.

  • Legal Adviser: Do Your Materials Meet Code?

    Do your building materials meet code?

  • Engineered Trim & Siding

    Engineered wood, fiber cement, and plastic can provide the look of natural wood siding and trim without the limitations of the real thing.

  • Q&A: Asphalt Shingles on Unvented Roofs

    Q: Our insulation subcontractor advises us to install dense-pack cellulose in the rafter bays over a cathedral ceiling, without ventilation baffles, and the local building inspector approves. If we don’t ventilate under the roof sheathing, what happens to

  • Have Asphalt Shingles Improved?

    Eight years ago, JLC took a look at widespread reports of cracking and splitting in fiberglass-mat shingles. In this update, we report how shingle manufacturers have responded to complaints, and how new product standards are making it easier to judge w