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  • Solar Tankless Water Heating Backup From Rinnai

    Rinnai. The RH360 solar reheat kit provides efficient, consistent tankless backup for solar water heating. Previous other solar tankless backup solutions fed the hot line from the solar tank directly to the tankless backup unit, which would heat water when the temperature started to drop, which...

  • Solution to Water Woes: Harvest the Rain?

  • Cape Cod Towns May Face Clean Water Lawsuit~

  • Rust Belt Project Turns Green

    TARENTUM, PA. - Dalton’s Edge deserves raves for adding 120 new affordable residences for seniors to Allegheny County—home of one of the largest elderly populations of any metropolitan area in the United States.

  • Top 10 Tips to Go Green

    Based on dozens of interviews with developers, engineers, and investors, here are AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE's top 10 practical green building tips.

  • Near North Shatters Old Images

    CHICAGO, ILL. - The Near North Apartments takes a bold stand in a neighborhood once dominated by the infamous Cabrini-Green public housing project.

  • Public Housing Tenants Become Owners

    WASHINGTON, DC. - It seemed like an impossible dream when residents of two of the worst public housing projects started talking about redeveloping their section of Anacostia in this city’s southeastern quadrant.

  • Air Leaks: Hidden Moisture Movers

    Along the coast where wind-blown rain is a regular weather feature, it's no surprise to builders that the exterior of a home must be carefully detailed to manage water. Properly installed housewrap and flashing are the key elements of an effective water-resistive barrier. But rainwater is not the...

  • Soundings: Potable Water for Secluded Sites

    Potable Water for Secluded Sites

  • Fight rising energy costs

    New York City – The cost of energy keeps rising — but fortunately, energy experts like Marc Zuluaga keep finding new ways to save.