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    Taking care of business before, during, and after the job is the key to good referrals and repeat customers. A veteran contractor discusses fifteen ways to keep your customers happy.

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    To the homeowner, finishing the basement is an obvious way to gain extra space. To the builder, however, the project is fraught with problems, from moisture and code restrictions to beams and mechanical systems that are in the way. Here are some tips from a builder who works down under — for a...

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    From double-parking and wrestling materials into the service elevator to tying into electrical and mechanical systems that service a whole building, remodeling in high-rise apartment buildings gets complicated fast. Here’s how one New York City builder has survived the jungle.

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    Time is of the essence

  • Estimating Basics for Remodelers

    Accurate job-cost information and a thorough estimating checklist help this successful remodeler win jobs that make money.

  • Remodelers' Guide to Lead Paint

    Remodelers have an obligation — both legal and ethical — to protect workers and clients from the hazards of lead-based paint. A research scientist specializing in environmental health offers practical guidelines for reducing this risk on the job site.

  • The Complete Coverup

    For upstairs additions, weather protection is critical. A second-story pro from the rainy Northwest explains his method for fast, effective tarping.

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