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More stories about Whole-House Remodeling

  • Products

    Pint-sized peel-and-stick; metalconnectors; durable exterior trim; whole-house audio & video

  • Business

    Insuring the remodeling site; staying in touch with clients

  • On the Job

    An adjustable electrical box; pan flashing for stone sills; controlling the daily dust

  • Business: Preventing Remodeling Sticker Shock

    Preventing remodeling sticker shock

  • Raising the Ceilings in a Whole-House Remodel

    Thanks to a good plan, a sizable crew, and a bunch of 20-ton screw jacks, the walls of this house grew taller.

  • Toolbox

    Mini skid-steer loaders; home-inspection tools; work wear

  • Let BuildWorks Basic and Quicken Show You the Money

    Compared with Timberline or Great Plains, Intuit's QuickBooks Pro is a simple entry-level accounting system. But "simple" is a relative term. For a small contractor who just needs a way to replace the checkbook in his back pocket, even QuickBooks can be overwhelming.

  • Timber-Frame Roofs for Great Rooms

    Classic mortise-and-tenon timber trusses add timeless appeal to open rooms without the expense of a whole-house frame. A timber framer tells how he coordinates the work with the builder.

  • Business: Effective Low-Tech Scheduling

    Effective low-tech scheduling

  • Products

    Wiring raceway, remodeling shower valve cover, escape ladder, arch supports, sawhorse brackets, instant shelving