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  • Q&A: Switching from 3-Wire to 4-Wire 240-Volt Appliance

    Q: How do you wire a four-wire 240-volt appliance (kitchen range or dryer) if there used to be a three-wire appliance there?

  • Q&A: Extending the Depth of An Outlet in Remodeling

    Q: When you add a new layer of finish, what is the easiest way to bring the electrical boxes flush to the new wall surface?

  • Q&A: Putting New Devices in Old Boxes

    Q: What are the choices for putting new switch and outlet boxes in old walls? Any hints for attaching the boxes?

  • Q&A: Tips for Snaking Wires

    Q: Any tips for wire-snaking?

  • JLC Online

    Sales advice for novice remodelers

  • Protective Supplies for Remodelers

    Remodeling an occupied home creates clouds of dust, splatters of drywall mud, and dings and dents in existing woodwork. Fortunately, there’s a slew of products designed to help you get a messy job done neatly.

  • Strictly Business: Limits to Growth

    Good reasons for resisting growth

  • Notebook

    Harvard remodeling report analyzed, up-to-the-minute satellite weather for contractors, buildings damaged by swelling coal ash, questions about masonry wall strength, older U.S. homes too leaky, skid-steer accidents, California demands lower-VOC paint

  • Notebook

    Coping with the labor shortage, water heater failures, higher fly ash content in concrete, new home ventilation standard

  • Managing Client Emotions

    The stress homeowners experience during a remodeling project can lead to misunderstandings, shouting matches, or worse. This successful remodeler explains how to take control of your client's emotional ups and downs.