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  • After DALI: A Look at What's Next

    DALI has its benefits and its failings. A wireless communications protocol may provide the next generation of lighting controls.

  • Uncle Sam Gives Back for Efficient Lighting

    while it has suffered its fair share of criticism for favoring energy's supply side, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct 2005), which was passed by Congress on July 29, 2005, and signed into law on August 8, offers a number of favorable demand-side incentives. One of particular importance to...

  • Products

    Pint-sized peel-and-stick; metalconnectors; durable exterior trim; whole-house audio & video

  • Raising the Ceilings in a Whole-House Remodel

    Thanks to a good plan, a sizable crew, and a bunch of 20-ton screw jacks, the walls of this house grew taller.

  • Repairing Fire Damage

    Assessing the damage and making repairs is challenging enough, but you've also got to get rid of that smell.

  • Timber-Frame Roofs for Great Rooms

    Classic mortise-and-tenon timber trusses add timeless appeal to open rooms without the expense of a whole-house frame. A timber framer tells how he coordinates the work with the builder.

  • Resources: Building Energy-Smart Homes

    Building energy-smart homes

  • Water-Managed Wall Systems

    No siding is waterproof, and windows can leak. So we need a backup system, and building scientist Joseph Lstiburek has the details.

  • Connecting to the Future

    Home wiring no longer means just phone and electric. From simple lighting controllers to whole-house integrated systems for data, security, and entertainment, the residential automation market is exploding with options.

  • Sizing Domestic Water Pipes

    A master plumber provides a step-by-step method for sizing water supply pipes, based on code and common sense.