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  • Are Windows Required in Basements?

    Q: We’d like to start building basements with precast concrete panels, but we’ve been running into resistance from local code officials. Are basement windows required when a house is built with a full foundation?

  • Products

    Noise-muffling floor underlayment; dramatic roof windows; natural-looking composite siding; manufactured moment frame; more

  • JLC Extra: Soundproofing A Band Room - Suppliers

    A list of companies that offer soundproofing supplies and materials

  • On the Job: Installing Prehung Doors

    Installing prehung doors

  • Building Log Homes

    Using a kit with kiln-dried logs reduces shrinkage and results in a tighter shell.

  • Products

    Three-way outlet; rotary dimmer; wireless smoke alarm; finish for pressure-treated lumber; more

  • Installing Impact Zone Windows

    A growing number of state and local codes call for impact zone windows in construction near the shore—windows made of shatterproof laminated glass that won't succumb to the flying debris generated by a hurricane. But even the strongest window will fail if not properly installed. Manufacturers'...

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    Stronger Than Steel ~ Privacy Casements ~ Tough Windows ~ Permeable Brick Pavers ~ Vapor-Tolerant Insulation Batts ~ Strong and Durable Railings ~ Wood-Look Vinyl Windows ~ Wine Storage Solution ~ Treated Engineered Railings

  • Adding Under

    With nowhere to go but down, this basement addition carves out extra living space from within the home’s existing footprint.

  • JLC Extra: Simple Sill Pans - Sources of Supply

    A list of companies that sell sill pans or materials for making sill pans.