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More stories about Wood

  • American Wood Council Updates Deck Design Guide

    The latest version of the American Wood Council’s prescriptive guide to wood deck construction includes new updated tables that reflect the change in the design values for Southern Pine lumber.

  • More Wall Bracing Options Using OSB

    The Engineered Wood Association has been working to broaden the choices for using wood structural panels to achieve code-required lateral bracing in wood-frame construction. A new APA publication lays out the OSB industry’s latest recommendations for a “simplified” way to meet code.

  • Slow Burner

    Weyerhaeuser’s Flak Jacket is an intumescent fire-resistant coating for Trus Joist TJIs

  • Exotic Reclaimed Flooring

    Viridianís Jarkarta Blend is 100% Asian hardwoods reclaimed from international shipping crates

  • Cleaning Old Beams

    Soda-blasting worked where oxalic acid, walnut shells, and soap and water failed

  • Southern Pine Grade Changes: Action Coming Soon?

    Authorities may come to a final decision this month about new design values for Southern Pine lumber.

  • Nightingale Floors

    In feudal Japan, intentionally squeaky floors were the equivalent of a modern security system

  • Weathered Wood

    Montana Ghost Wood comes from dead standing trees, mostly spruce and lodgepole killed by beetles and forest fires

  • Keeping Cedar Shingles Dry

    "Skippers" and "verticals" help provide ventilation

  • Moldy Wood and the Fungolin

    Bioengineers are using fungi to replicate the acoustical properties of wood from the little ice age.