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More stories about Zinc

  • Glideware Sliding Pot Rack

    This sliding maple rack with zinc hooks fits into a standard-depth base cabinet and extends fully into the workspace, making it easier to access pots and pans than from a drawer.

  • Site Test: Coil Siding Nailer

    A West Coast contractor puts coil siding nailers through their paces on the job site and reports on the results.

  • Products

    New spray adhesives, portable site-storage system, new star-head fasteners, color-coded ball valves, padlocks and chains for site security

  • Letters

    Durability of galvanized fasteners, rain screen flashing, roof layout with a calculator, retrofitting plywood clips

  • Q&A: Life Expectancy of Galvanized Fasteners

    Q: What is the life expectancy of electroplated nails, bolts, and lag screws as compared with hot-dip galvanized? Double-dipped fasteners are often recommended, but their cost is almost twice that of electroplated hardware. I have used electroplated on several projects in the past five years and...

  • Products

    New clip provides drywall backing at corners, two-part urethane adhesive for rebar pins, innovative recirculator for hot water on demand, drywall joint tape for outside corners

  • Flashing the Tough Spots

    If you’re still using roll aluminum for all of your flashing, you may be inviting leaks and premature failure. Here’s an overview of the materials, techniques, and details that will make flashing last the life of the structure.

  • Guide to Galvanized Nails

    Ever seen a high-priced siding job ruined by rust stains? This overview of zinc nail coatings can help keep your exteriors looking great.

  • Toolbox: The Quad Square

    New layout tool has features of framing and combination squares and more

  • Q&A: Removing & Preventing Asphalt Shingle Stains

    Q: The photo below shows unsightly black staining on asphalt roof shingles. This staining appears to be caused by a mildew or fungus. It is common in this area of eastern Virginia, which is rainy and humid in the spring, hot and humid in the summer, and warm and humid in the early fall. I have made...