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More stories about Zoning

  • After Sandy, New Flood Maps will Reflect Rising Risk

    New York City authorities are planning to re-draw the maps that define the areas in the city at risk from flood.

  • After Repeat Floods, Rebuilding Better

    Rebuilding will not mean simply putting back what was there — in many cases, homes will have to comply with tougher standards than before.

  • Coastal Communities Moving to "Form-Based" Zoning Codes

  • As Redevelopment Lags, “GO Zone” Bond Program Set to Expire

  • The Art of Avoiding Filing for a Permit?

    Vermontasaurus vs. The Zoning Board

  • Deadline Nears for GO Zone Projects

    Billions of dollars in federal grants and tax incentives flowed to the Gulf Coast following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, including more than $325 million in Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs).

  • GO Zone Deadline Extension Adopted bySenate

    The Senate unanimously approved an amendment to extend the placed-in-service deadline for workforce housing developments in the Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone.

  • NMTC, GO Zone Deadline Extended

    The New Markets Tax Credit program has been extended for two years under a tax package signed by President Barack Obama.

  • In the News

    Stringent new energy code offers flexibility; company fined for breaking FTC’s R-value rule; Denver’s moratorium on fees pays off; PV-panel prices decline; more

  • After the Flood

    Drivers along Interstate 10, tracing the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle through Alabama to Mississippi, can still see wreckage left behind by the hurricanes of 2005