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  • Inclusionary Zoning Catches On

    Editor’s note: The following is a transcript of an Editorial Forum held by Hanley Wood, LLC, the publisher of Affordable Housing Finance and Apartment Finance Today magazines, in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 12.

  • Montgomery County, Md.: 12,000 Units Created byMontgomery County Program

    The Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Program (MPDU) here is believed to be the nation’s first mandatory inclusionary zoning law that provided a density bonus to builders to provide affordable housing.

  • Highland Park, Ill.: City Adopts a SweepingApproach to Affordable Housing

    While other cities adopt one or two measures to promote the production of affordable housing, this city has embraced a comprehensive approach that includes a demolition tax, a trust fund, a land trust, and an inclusionary zoning ordinance.

  • Accepting a New Reality

    Washington, D.C.—If you are a developer who thinks zoning is a dirty word, you will hate the newest regulatory plan being implemented in an increasing number of cities.

  • We report, you decide Vote for the best affordable housing projects

    From a large tax credit project incorporated into a luxury golf course community by virtue of inclusionary zoning to small projects targeted to special needs groups, the finalists in AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE magazine’s second annual Readers’ Choice Awar

  • Freddie stretches to make Gulf Coast deals work

    Freddie Mac and its lender partners are working closely with their Gulf Coast borrowers to make sure multifamily owners have the help they need to rebuild properties in communities devastated by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

  • New York City more than doubles its housing plan

    NEW YORK CITY Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a bold insight: If you fight for decent, affordable housing, not only do you create stronger cities, but you also win votes in elections.

  • In The News

    DOE criticizes energy-code amendments; carbon monoxide death puts focus on CO detectors; Oregon zoning official scraps with HBA; more

  • Rot-Resistant Deck Details

    For a deck that lasts, seal cut ends, space deck boards far enough apart, and reduce places where leaf litter can collect.

  • Ventilation vs. Eaves Blocking in Seismic Zones

    Q. I have a question about the hidden soffit vent details you've published recently (Backfill, 7/04; Letters, 10/04). Is it possible to build this so that you get a positive transfer of lateral loads from the roof sheathing to the frieze blocking and into