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Q.I am installing 1x12-inch-wide Eastern white pine flooring throughout a new home, including the kitchen. Since the flooring is used in high-traffic areas, I want to choose a finish that will provide long service. What do you recommend?

A.Flooring contractor Howard Brickman responds: If the customer expects a finish that will provide long service, they are likely to be disappointed. In this case, your most important job is to lower the expectations of your client.

Eastern white pine (pinus strobus) is a low-density species. It has a specific gravity of 0.35, which is roughly half as dense as oak or maple. You need to prepare your customer for the eventual denting and scratching that is characteristic of pine floors.

Pine floors get scratched when they are walked on. There is no such thing as a no-maintenance floor, so the floors will need a fresh coat of finish when traffic marks start to show. Choose a low-sheen finish, since the higher the gloss, the more quickly scratches and scuffs will become visible.