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SITEWORK & FOUNDATION Rip-Proof Poly If you're plagued by rips and tears in poly vapor barriers on walls or under slabs, Tu-Tuf will save you hours of tedious patching. The extraordinary strength of the high-density, extruded polyethylene sheeting comes from its "grain," which is created through a stretching process that aligns the molecules. Two sheets are then "cross-laminated" with the grain positioned at 90-degree angles. According to tests performed for Sto-Cote, the product's distributor, Tu-Tuf has twice the perm rating of ordinary 6- mil poly and 3.6 times the tensile strength of 4-mil poly. Two thicknesses are available: a 3-mil sheet in white or black, and a black 4-mil sheet for underground use. A micro-perforated version called Air-Seal is also available