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New Hammers & More TOOLBOX New Hammers & More by Pete Young Ergonomics is a buzzword in the world of tools these days. Even hammer designs are changing in ways that purportedly reduce wear and tear on hammer-swinging arms. Stanley's Anti-Vibe hammers, available in models from 16 oz. up to 32 oz. ($32- $52), supposedly reduce elbow and forearm fatigue with a shock-absorbing durable polyurethane-encased I-beam shaft and a soft-vinyl handle. Likewise, Vaughan & Bushnell claims that the design of its California Framer, available in 19 oz. and 23 oz. models ($35), takes away the sting common in all-steel hammers by combining a wood and rubber Shock-Blok head insert with an air cushion grip handle. In brief tests here at JLC, the