Michael Anschel, CEO of Verified Green and Carl Seville, owner of Seville Consulting are the Green Police. In this series they scoured the exhibit floor at the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo on the hunt for products you can truly call "green". Watch the duo's antics while hearing their honest assessments of noteworthy products.

The Green Police Review ReWall:
Michael Anschel and Carl Seville, a.k.a. The Green Police, look at ReWall, a fiberboard-like product made by applying heat and pressure to recycled plastic-coated beverage containers without any added chemicals, glues, or water.

The Green Police Investigate Mycelium as a Building Material:
With the help of green building expert Alex Wilson, The Green Police—Michael Anschel, CEO of Verified Green, and Carl Seville, owner of Seville Consulting—inspect Ecovative's Myco Foam and Myco Board at Greenbuild. This high-performance biomaterial is "grown" from agricultural waste and mushroom mycelium.

The Green Police Search for Rainscreens:
Carl and Michael discuss the importance of weatherizing structures and search to find their favorite ventilated rain screens. In this video, they check out products from Benjamin Obdyke and Cosella-Dorken.

The Green Police Flush Out the Latest in Low-Flow Toilets:
Michael and Carl check in at Kohler to test two low-flow toilet options. They also take a peek at Numi, a technologically advanced toilet that not only has a motion activated cover and seat but also plays music and warms your feet.

The Green Police Debate on HRV vs. ERV:
Michael and Carl discuss when and where to use HRV or ERV systems. In this video, they visit Air Pohoda to check out the humidity control systems.